‘Mondays Don’t Suckling’ At Campfire In Carlsbad

Monday Blues? Not at Campfire. The restaurant in the heart of Carlsbad, which celebrates the spirit of the campfire through the daily use of live fire cooking and smoking techniques, just launched “Mondays Don’t Suckling.”


‘Mondays Don’t Suckling’ is a weekly series in which they’ll be bringing and roasting a whole suckling pig, snout to tail – the perfect way to demonstrate the beauty of live fire cooking. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a traditional tropical feast!


The way of serving will vary every week with the only constant being that the dish will have an equatorial lean— an ode to the warm weather and tropical vibes. To complement, the libations will be tiki-ish moving beyond the usual beachcomber fare and embracing some global influences ranging from the Mediterranean to Thailand.


Additionally, during the upcoming weeks, they plan on inviting guest bartenders from the crew’s favorite bars around the city and have them showcase their menus and drinks as well.


The event will be every Monday from 5:00 p.m. until they run out. What a great way to start the week!

See you there!

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