Monzu Fresh Pasta Now Serving Fresh Pasta In The Heart Of San Diego’s East Village

Anyone who’s spent time in Italy knows that fresh pasta is one of simple pleasures of life that must be experienced to be understood! Lucky for us, six months after first announcing their plans, new restaurant and retail concept Monzu Fresh Pasta is now open and brining the joy of fresh pasta to San Diego’s East Village.

Monzu is the family-owned creation of European husband-wife team, Aldo de Dominicis Rotondi and Serena Romano, who share a strong belief in the Slow Food movement. Having trained with Italy’s master pasta-makers, de Dominicis Rotondi and Romano lead the kitchen in creating Monzu’s all-day menu, which follows centuries-old pasta making techniques and flavors inspired by regions including Sicily, Campania, and Puglia.

Among a diverse pasta menu, staples like the fried Raviolo Fritto Cacio e Pepe and Signature Neapolitan Scarpiello are primed to become favorites. Monzu also offers daily specials and weekly-changing regional recipes, and several dishes cater to dairy-free, low-gluten and vegan diets such as Pici with vegan Pesto of the Day.

For diners who cannot decide, Monzu Fresh Pasta serves pasta flights comprised of the guest’s choice of three items from the day’s menu.

Located at 455 Tenth Avenue, the eatery serves authentic fresh pasta among other dishes and a retail section featuring an assortment of raw fresh pastas to cook at home, imported Italian delicatessen products, and San Diego-made foods.

For those hoping to bring the experience home, Monzu offers “cotto” (cooked) and “crudo” (raw) fresh pastas for home preparation and a retail section wherein guests can find imported delicatessen items like extra virgin olive oil, panettone, taralli and more alongside San Diego products such as Farv’s Pickles. Monzu also offers wholesale pasta to local restaurants and food service businesses.

We’ll see you there! A lot… 🙂

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