San Diego Named One Of The 30 Most Exciting Food Cities In America In 2017 By Zagat

If you live in or around San Diego and you are into the food scene it, will come as no surprise to you that San Diego was named one of the 30 most exciting food cities in America in 2017 by Zagat.

We landed at #23, just above Birmingham, AL and just below Indianapolis, IN. The top three on the list are Los Angeles, Austin, and Chicago – all great food cities without a doubt.

Check out the establishments from San Diego that got called out specifically on Zagat‘s list of the most exciting food cities in America in 2017:


Hard to disagree with any of those mentions–we suggest you check them all out ASAP.

But there are a lot we’d add to that list, which is why we think San Diego should have been ranked higher!

Our bet is that over the next five years we are going to see San Diego steadily rise on this list.

What do you think?

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