Have You Seen The Giant Sculpture In Front Of The New Pacific Gate By Bosa High Rise?

Have you seen the giant sculpture in front of the new Pacific Gate by Bosa high rise?

Pacific Gate by Bosa, San Diego’s first super prime residential building debuting this year downtown, is the home of the much-awaited 25-foot sculpture, Pacific Soul, by world-renowned artist, Jaume Plensa. The installation is the first in San Diego for the internationally-renowned artist.

Best known for monumental sculptures in public spaces across international destinations from Chicago to Venice, Italy, Plensa combines conventional sculptural materials like glass, steel, bronze and aluminum with more unconventional media such as water, light, and sound, creating hybrid works of intricate energy, psychological weight, and symbolic richness. By posing numerous dualities, such as inside and outside, light and dark, and earth and sky, the artist seeks to connect his work with viewers on an intuitive level.


Approximately 25 feet tall, Pacific Soul is Plensa’s most ambitious sculpture in California to date. Composed of the characters from eight different alphabets including Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi, Pacific Soul draws its inspiration from the roots of rainforest trees, as the sculpture grows from organic, wrapping, root-like ribbons which create the shape of the human body made from language.


Plensa believes language to be the self portrait of a culture; he utilizes alphabets as a metaphor, joining together humanity through art. Pacific Soul is the first public work in the U.S. that incorporates the artist’s use of root-like ribbons at the base, out of which the form organically develops.

It’s absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful addition to San Diego’s arts and culture scene – make a plan to pay it a visit.

See you there!


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