See The Forest From The Trees 100 Feet Up In The Redwoods!

What nature-loving Californian hasn’t dreamed of being able to play in the treetops of our majestic redwoods? Well, you’ll soon be able to…which we think is a perfect excuse for a summer road trip!

The Redwood Sky Walk is set to open this June at the Sequoia Park Zoo, making it the longest sky walk in the western United States.

How high are we talking? The ascent ramp is 360 feet, just shy of the height of the tallest known living coastal redwood (~380 feet), taking you 100 feet above the lush and verdant forest floor, where you can view the canopy and legendary old-growth and mature second-growth redwood trees closer than ever before!

Click here to get all of the details and plan your visit.

See you there!

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