Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Opens In Southern California

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians is proud to announce the debut of Rincon Reservation Road Brewery (3R Brewery), the first certified Native American owned and operated brewery on tribal land in Southern California. Opened last Thursday, January 30, 2020, adjacent to Harrah’s Resort Southern California in Funner, California, the brewery and beer offerings not only reflect the new brand but now also tell the story of the rich history of the tribe.

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery is the new iteration and rebrand of a former beer concept SR76 Beerworks. The brewery is operated today by the Rincon Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) that is now responsible for all brewery operations. REDCO is the economic development arm of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.

Since the change in management and rebranding, the 3R Brewery brand has evolved into a new vibrant brewery paying great homage to the heritage of the Native Americans and offers four signature beers, an enhanced tasting room and delicious new menu for guests to enjoy.

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Opens In Southern California

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians

Known as the original Californians, the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians have prevailed for over 14,000 years. In times past, ancestors traveled along a trail of the San Luis Rey River, that ran from its headwaters located in the Warner Hot Springs area of Palomar Mountain, to its mouth at modern day Oceanside.

The Luiseño people used this trail to travel across mountains to hunt for animals and gather acorns with which they made wewish, a traditional staple of their diet. Venturing to the coast they would fish among the rocks on the shore. Along the way on the trail there were tribal villages at Rincon and Pauma, where they would often stop to visit with friends and relatives.

Today, that indigenous trail we call Rincon Reservation Road is a historical expedition which runs through several modern-day Indian reservations including Rincon, Pechanga, Soboba, Pala, Pauma and La Jolla. As it did in the olden times, Rincon Reservation Road still connects their people.

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Opens In Southern California

Now everyone can take a journey down Rincon Reservation Road with the following offerings:

Oasis Blonde Ale – 4.2% ABV

The Oasis is a sanctuary of hidden beauty on Rincon Reservation. This light in color Blonde Ale celebrates that beauty with its low hoppy bitterness that balances well with slight fruit flavors that is dry, medium bodied and a malty sweetness.

Rez Dog- Hefeweizen – 5% ABV

It’s not an easy road for the Rez Dog but this one is unstoppable! In honor of the many reservation dogs, our Hefeweizen is a crisp, refreshing brew, taking the road less traveled. Made of 55% wheat malt, 45% two-row malt and German Hefeweizen yeast, Rez Dog has a medium mouth feel with large amounts of fruity banana aroma and flavor with a hint of clove.

Red Rattler-Amber Ale – 5% ABV

The Red Diamond Rattle Snake has made its home on Rincon Reservation for 14,000 years. Our Red Rattler-Amber Ale symbolizes the balance and respect needed to pay homage to San Diego’s largest snake species. Beautiful and powerful, this Amber Ale uses Caramel Malts that lend a toasted toffee and caramel flavor, while the toasted aroma with slight fruity and pine hop bitterness balances the sweetness.

Chief-IPA – 6% ABV

There can only be one chief! Our Chief IPA embodies what it means to be number one. We brew our IPA with two- row, wheat and oats to give it a dry, crisp, clean low malt flavor made with Zappa, CTZ, and Chinook hops to create a medium hop bitterness of spice and citrus with loads of tropical flavors and pine aromas.

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Opens In Southern California

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery is located at 777 Harrah’s Rincon Way in Funner, CA. Hours: Mon 2pm–9pm, Tue & Wed Closed, Thurs 2pm–9pm, Fri & Sat 2pm–10pm and Sun 10am–8pm.

For more information on Rincon Reservation Road Brewery, please visit www.3Rbrewery.com or call 760-751-3100.

See you there!

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