Saint Archer Unveils First Ready-to-Drink Cocktails In Time For Summer

After managing a year of shifts due to the pandemic and ample time to play in the brewery,  Saint Archer Brewing Company is looking excited to unveil their first venture into the ready-to-drink cocktail space, the Saint Archer Vodka Soda.

A natural extension of the brand, the Saint Archer Vodka Sodas (5.0% ABV) are a line of premium vodka sodas crafted with the brand’s core values of quality, grit, and legitimacy in mind, brewed to serve as a new category of innovative refreshment.

Available in two flavors, Lime and Grapefruit & Blood Orange, the vodka soda has only 100 calories, zero sugar, and is gluten free.

Saint Archer’s Vodka Sodas are currently available in Southern California Vons, Albertsons, and Ralphs, and distribution to Saint Archer’s other markets will continue from there.

Hot beach days and a Saint Archer Vodka Soda sound pretty damn good to us!

Cheers, and stay healthy, San Diego!

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