Salt & Straw’s New Camp Menu Brings Back Nostalgic Memories Of Summers Around A Campfire

There’s nothing more classic Americana summer than sitting around a campfire, sharing stories, and roasting marshmallows into melty, charred oblivion. Yearning for those days, Salt & Straw captured their most nostalgic memories of the great outdoors and re-spun them into ice cream.

Launching online for nationwide shipping, in scoop shops, and for local delivery starting August 13th (through September 23rd), ice cream lovers everywhere won’t want to miss out on this one!

Flavors include:

Mushroom Muddy Buddies

Whether you call them muddy buddies, puppy chow, or one of its many other monikers, that ubiquitous Ziploc bag of peanut-butter-and chocolate-coated Chex shaken in powdered sugar epitomizes the camping days of yore. We used our grandma’s age-old recipe, then rocked it with local PNW hazelnuts. Adding in a candied trio of porcini, candy cap, and chanterelle mushrooms in honey, butter, and a touch of sherry resulted in the earthiest, umami-est, and startlingly roasty-est ice cream imaginable.

Salted Hazelnut Praline S’mores

The flickering glow of campfire embers lends itself to the most incredible roasted ‘mallows. We’ve taken the sensation of s’mores and kindled it into three dramatic textures. Vanilla bean-laden marshmallows, chocolate pudding ganache, and pralined graham cracker crunch—made intensely smoky from roasted hazelnuts from Oregon’s own, Freddy Guys Hazelnut Farm—coalesce into an adventurous take on the quintessential camp treat.

Maple & Bacon Streusel

The first glints of sunlight casting through the trees and the smell of thick slabs of bacon crackling on the cast iron are idyllic memories from summers past. Tempting you from your tent, bits of crispy bacon tossed in a brown sugar streusel get lost in a deep amber salted maple ice cream.

Bug Juice! Sorbet (v)

Legend has it that bugs make the best juice. Infamous amongst young campers, this wacky juice has been snuck into many cabin bunks via secret goodie stashes. In our kitchen, we dove deep into that “bug juice” lore, and recreated it with a blend of cherry, lime, and grape juices for a thirst-quenching, outrageously fruity sorbet. Hibiscus Mango tea from our friends at Smith Tea adds a refreshing punchiness —no bugs necessary.

Cowboy Coffee Grinds & Bourbon

There’s an inherent grit to cowboy coffee. By brewing straight in the campfire, there’s no filters or fancy methods -just you and your beans. Coava’s Kilenso grinds bring a wake-up worthy kick to our housemade fudge, while chunks of chewy brownies double the chocolate factor. We sneak in a nip of Eastside Distilling’s Burnside Bourbon for an extra hit of that off-the-grid woodsy-ness.

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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