San Diego Made It To The List Of 11 Best Gig Economy Cities In 2019

It’s no surprise to us that San Diego made the Gigworker list of The 11 Best Citieis for Gig Economy Jobs in 2019. How work gets done and the role of the employer in the U.S. is changing very quickly, and as the country move towards a larger gig economy, it’s cities like San Diego that are embracing this change!

Best Gig Economy Cities

What is the Gig Economy?

A “gig”, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is “a single project or task wherein a worker is hired, often through a digital marketplace, to work on demand.” The gig economy, then, refers to the entire collection of companies and people that either provide or work gigs.

Examples are:

  • Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft
  • Dog-walking apps such as Rover
  • Opportunities from sites such as Upwork
  • Consulting or freelance gigs that you find on your own

How Gigworker chose the best cities for gig economy jobs

Of course, San Diego should possess a healthy gig economy presence – most people that live here have to find creative ways to pay the rent, and taking on a gig or two is an easy, flexible way to make more money.

It’s also about the flexibility to be able to enjoy the benefits of the San Diego lifestyle, of course!

What made San Diego make the cut?

San Diego has a blossoming entrepreneurial and tech community, which means more opportunities for finding consulting and freelance gigs. Plus, with a substantial U.S. military presence, there are opportunities for all kinds of interesting gigs outside of the mainstream.

And the reality of California business regulation and taxes makes it a difficult state for businesses to hire full-time employees, which means they are actively looking for creative ways to get work done. That translates into lots of potential gigs for you to work!

As San Diego’s economoy continues to grow and evolve, we expect that the role of the ‘gig’ will continue to play in important part in shaping how we work and live.

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