San Diego Coffee Training Institute Launches SCA Certified Coffee Roasting Curriculum

We LOVE our coffee here in San Diego! In fact, our love of it is driving a lot of coffee-related jobs in the area. The San Diego Coffee Training Institute (SDCTI) plans to help fill those jobs, and recently announced that it has expanded its current Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified training curriculum to now include professional coffee roasting courses.

SDCTI’s roasting courses, which also includes the Diedrich Roasters™ training program, goes above and beyond the standard SCA intro level roasting curriculum. Students will first learn the journey coffee makes from the coffee farm to people’s front door and then delve into the specifics of roaster technology, roast profile development, roast levels, sample roasting, identifying the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, and how to evaluate results with coffee cuppings.

The Bigger Mission

SDCTI’s primary mission as a nonprofit is to provide these same skills to various vulnerable and at-risk populations throughout the San Diego area. Therefore, one hundred percent of the tuition for the roasting classes and any of the other offered courses at the SDCTI’s training lab goes to fund the programming costs for these students, including youth aging out of foster care, homeless adults and teens, and individuals recently released from incarceration.

We love it! What a great model to help fill jobs while also supporting those in our community who need our support most.

For Business or Pleasure

Whether you are interested in making coffee your career, or if your simply interested in diving deeper into one of your passions, training from the San Diego Coffee Training Institute is a great place to start. If you’re interested in more information about courses offered or to enroll, click here.

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