San Diego’s Justin Gaspar To Appear On Hulu Season One Baker’s Dozen

San Diego’s own Justin Gaspar, Head Baker at Hommage Bakehouse, will appear in Season One of Hulu’s first baking competition series, “Baker’s Dozen.”

Co-Hosted by Tamara Mowry-Housley and Bill Yosses, all eight one-hour episodes of the season will go live on October 7, 2021. There are many baking competition series, but this is the first to pit series professionals against self-taught bakers putting to test the universal truth that anyone can be a great baker.

With a lifelong passion for baking and a perpetual drive to craft the perfect croissant, Justin brings his culinary expertise with a degree in pastry arts and years working at bakeries across California, now running Hommage Bakehouse out of La Clochette Du Coin, a bakery/bistro in Pacific Beach San Diego.

With 13 bakers made up of professionals and self-taught bakers, this competition series showcases a new “baker’s dozen” (13 contestants) every episode.

Good luck, Justin!

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