About That Secret Menu Item At Herb & Wood…

Herb & Wood San Diego

We came across a secret that we can’t keep!

This week we ate at Herb & Wood, arguably one of the hottest restaurants in town, and happened across one of the most beautiful little things to cross our eyes (and stomachs) – a secret bread dish!

Secret Bread Order At Herb And Wood

And it’s seriously like crack.

But hold your horses. This gloriousness is not had easily. Not listed on the menu, you have to know to ask for it.

So how do you make it yours? Ask your waiter or waitress for the (…drum roll, please…) “Parker House Rolls.”

Then immediately feel like a food-ordering BA.

Once you experience this edible excellence, let us know what you think. In our opinion, if you haven’t tried this secret item, you aren’t living!

Fist pump (or below gesture) to the chefs over at H&W!

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