New Music: “Shake It On Down” By Max Fite


Photo Credits: Max Fite Soundcloud

Formed in Los Angeles last year, Max Fite attempts to fuse the folk and blues of the past with a more modern guitar style. Early 70’s inflections run consistently through this guitar-based rock EP “Shake It On Down.”

A solid rhythm section ties the (sometimes) overtly loose riffs to bring together these otherwise unrelated threads. Listening to “Shake It On Down” I was left wondering if Max Fite is still trying to find their own sound.

While the album is well-produced, it feels like their influences overshadow their own obvious talent as musicians. As a fan of the likes of Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills Nash & Young I certainly appreciate the nod to our past. With that said, there’s not a point where I felt like ‘this is their sound.’ It is, however, still an entertaining EP. It just lacks an original feel; something that, almost without exception, evolves over time.

Check out the full album here: ShakeItOnDown

Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like so let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading (& listening), see you here next time!

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