Tahona Plans Unique Mezcal Themed Events And Speakeasy For 2019

The November 2018 opening of Tahona in Old Town made San Diego home to one of the country’s few proper mezcal bars and tasting rooms.

But Tahona is proving they have more in store for San Diego than the typical bar or tasting room. They have already launched multiple events – such as mezcal meditations, Live Flamenco Guitar Night, and Taco Tuesdays – and have a full calendar set for 2019!

New For Tahona This 2019

On January 12th, get ready for Tahona’s Baja Mezcal Tour. They will have travelers sampling tacos and other creative dishes in one of Tijuana’s best culinary spots. Get to discover a secret park overlooking the ocean. Savor three different brands of mezcal ,and more.

What’s Coming

Rumor has it, Tahona will add on a speakeasy called Oculto 477 toward the end of February. However, cocktail enthusiasts will have to wander through Tahona’s rustic-yet-refined space to discover where Oculto 477 is found. Because it is more exciting like that.

Though Tahona has revealed that the intimate space will be completely lit by candlelight. Specifically, 477 candles to represent the 477 souls buried in the next door El Campo Santo Cemetery.  In fact, Oculto 477 will likely be the world’s only speakeasy located next door to a cemetery.

Tahona is beautiful, unique, and the mezcal and craft cocktails are fantastic. If you haven’t been yet…get there.

See you there!

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