Tajima Is Featuring A Specialty Chilled Dish As Their August Ramen Of The Month

Summer is here and temps are sweltering, which means San Diegans are doing everything they can to keep cool – from hitting up the beach to enjoying refreshing beverages and bites.

Ramen, typically a cool-weather dish, is probably the last thing on your mind, but Tajima is featuring a specialty chilled dish as their August Ramen of the Month.

Satisfying San Diego’s growing hunger for authentic Japanese cuisine and ramen, Tajima’s
Chilled TanTan Ramen is a unique take on Hiyashi-Chuka, or traditional cold ramen served throughout Japan in the summer. The combination of spinach noodles with a bright and mild tan-tan sauce comes topped with specialty-seasoned vegan meat, tofu, roasted tomatoes, bean sprouts, cilantro, lime and creamy cashews. The flavors perfectly compliment the taste of the traditional Japanese dish and it’s also completely vegan-friendly!

Tajima is also shaking things up at their Mercury location, with a Summer Sunset cocktail, only available throughout August. For $10, you can sip this Mai Tai-inspired beverage made with a blend of dark and white rums, passionfruit liqueur and tropical juices.

Be sure to stop in during the month of August to try out these cool specialty items!

See you there!

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