Take A Trip To A Different Era At Youngblood Cocktail Bar

We have high expectations anytime we visit a Consortium Holdings concept, and our first visit to Youngblood was no exception.

It didn’t let us down.

Youngblood feels unlike anything we’ve ever been to in San Diego. Let’s face it, San Diego has no shortage of bars to go to if you want to ‘party’, but until relatively recently, it didn’t have many known for their luxury and attention to detail.

The “irrational level of detail” put into Youngblood’s intimate 16-seat bar floor-to-ceiling bar shelves, custom lighting, and Parisian carpet have definitely changed that!

New to the Neighborhood

Youngblood is a speakeasy found inside of Neighborhood, the original CH Projects concept, founded in 2007, that was recently transformed via an extensive renovation.

Yes, their original speakeasy, Noble Experiment, is still there as well, but they found just enough space during the renovation to tuck Youngblood into a well-hidden corner.

Reservation only

Youngblood is a reservation-only experience, and for good reason – it’s very small. This isn’t the bar to come to with a large party. At somewhere around 30 seats total, it’s the bar to come to with one or two people that you want to have a good conversation with over cocktails that are meant to be savored.

The cocktails!

The cocktails at Youngblood are truly an experience. The price of admission is $65 per person (we aren’t sure if that price fluctuates at all during busy times, etc), which includes a three-cocktail flight prepared to suit your tastes.

We recommend that you don’t go to Youngblood to order a specific cocktail, but rather to let the bartending pros create something for you based on how you’re feeling that evening. The adventure of leaving into the hands of the bartenders is half of the fun, and you won’t be disappointed!

We’ve had a lot of cocktails over the years, and we were able to try something new and amazing with each new round at Youngblood!

Travel without the plane

It’s obvious that Youngblood is meant to transport you to a different time and place, more Hemingway-era Paris than San Diego Gaslamp (we aren’t hatin’…we love our Gaslamp bars!), and we are grateful for the level of detail they put into making the trip complete.

Make your reservations soon, and we’ll see you there!

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