Tap Truck San Diego: A Mobile Beer Bar You Need In Your Life!

Two beach, BBQ, and beer-loving local San Diegans started transforming the beer game in a big way.

Tap Truck SD owner Taylor and right-hand man Corbin started converting old trucks into custom mobile beer bars just a couple months back – and they’ve realized some pretty epic success already.

Taylor started Tap Truck SD in October 2016 after working with catering business Corbin’s Q, owned by his best friend – you guessed right – Corbin. Corbin’s Q is a barbeque truck and catering company that can be spotted at many local farmer’s markets and bunches of private events.

Corbin was an inspiration for Taylor, and it was not long before Taylor decided to create his very own mobile delight for the San Diego area.


And he’s not stopping there!

Tap Truck SD recently acquired their 4th truck, adding quite a piece to their collection: a ’65 Chevy.

After acquiring trucks, Taylor and Corbin use reforming clay to completely refurbish the inside of the trucks, creating the ultimate party piece!

Customers can now rent out any of their four trucks for an event, wedding, party, or even just because!

The ultimate goal for the company is to create the life of the party, with the drinks we all love.

The trucks can hold up to five varying beer choices from any brewery, local or non-local. So if you are craving a specific beer from a small town in Connecticut, you can have it!

Do you not just love these guys already?!

Catch Tap Truck SD on May 6th at the 6th Annual Rhythm & Brews Festival in Vista, where they will be serving up some local beer, sweet-ride-style!

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