15 Healthy Things To Do In San Diego When The Coronavirus Is Scaring The S#it Out Of You

It’s pretty hard to keep the mood light around here right now, and encouraging people to go to big, crowded events (our normal routine around here) seems downright irresponsible.

Like everyone else, we’re incredibly concerned about what the coming months may mean for the health and well-being of San Diego’s residents, our local economy, and the world.

Fortunately, we live in San Diego, where the sunshine, incredible natural surroundings, and sense of community give us the very best environment possible to have to ride out a tough time.

We believe that being proactive about taking care of your physical and mental health is going to be really important for our community, even if the virus doesn’t directly impact your health.

So we put together a list of things to do, that assumes caution is in order and wide-open spaces or the privacy of your home are going to be best, but still gives you the opportunity to stay sane and enjoy yourself while we’re trying to figure out the safe plan to get through the coronavirus with as little damage to lives and the economy as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you stay current on the recommended safety guidelines regarding Coronavirus in San Diego and exercise judgment in following them, keeping a safe distance from others, and practicing good hygiene.

Go on a hike

We have some of the best hikes you can imagine right in our backyard. Get some fresh air, open space, and exercise.

Head to the beach

A perfect place to get some fresh air, space, and perspective. Pick your favorite.

Stroll through the Flower Fields

Gorgeous, outside, and surely it must be good for your health to be surrounded by that many flowers!

Have a lazy picnic at one of these places where you can also have a drink!

A blanket, some food, some music, and a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer. Picnic perfection!

Workout outside

A crowded gym isn’t a great idea, but it’s very important to get exercise right now, and San Diego has lots of open space to get a workout in – do some air squats, jumping jacks, and push-ups if nothing else!

Stroll through Balboa Park

Balboa Park is always a good idea. You can wander outside for hours and never run out of things to see or visit one of the museums for some good hands-off arts and cultural experiences.

Order takeout

Our bars, restaurants, and coffee shops play a huge part in our economy here in San Diego. If you stop going entirely, they’re in big trouble. Order for delivery or pickup and help them keep their lights on and team employed! Then head home for some Netflix and chill.

Road trip!

We have so many cool places to see within a two-hour drive of San Diego. Grab a friend and check some of those ‘I’ve always wanted to go there’ off your list.

Take an online course

You’ve been wanting to learn how to draw? Paint? Cook? Use your iphone to make Hollywood-worthy videos? There’s a course for that!

Start an online side hustle

Oh come on…you’ve been saying that you want to for years now. This is a perfect opportunity to sit your butt at your computer and get it done!

Invest in some virtual reality gear and ‘travel’ from your living room

The new Oculus Quest is an amazing leap in the virtual reality experience…maybe it’s time for mass adoption?

Get the stuff you need

All you have to do is spend a few minutes watching footage in Italy to realize that you should have some good supplies of basics. Food essentials. Prescription refills. We aren’t saying that you have to plan for a year in a bunker, but having a week or two of your most important things on-hand is probably a good idea.

Ask a homeless shelter what they need.

The homeless could potentially be absolutely devastated by this. Even if they don’t actually get sick, the logistics of managing day-to-day life could get much more difficult. Call a shelter to see if there is anything you can do or deliver that would help.

Ask a medical professional if you can lend a hand.

It hasn’t happened yet in San Diego, but all signs point to a day soon where our medical professionals may be working crazy hours (as if they weren’t already?!). When that happens, it’s going to be hard for them to keep up with everyday things and would surely love a little help every now and then.

Offer to get the groceries, do some laundry, walk the dog – anything that can take something off of their to-do list.

Stay safe, San Diego!

Better days are around the corner (but with a few bumps in between, we’re afraid). Let’s use this as an opportunity to show our community spirit and love for each other!

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