This Guy Painted Every Square Inch Of His Friend’s Pacific Beach Apartment!

Are you one of the San Diego beach-homers who chose location over amenities?

Your walls are little… off in color. Appliances a little… old. Cabinets a little… rough-looking.

Ringing a bell to you?

Cue Dana S. Owens, a freelance commercial artist who decided his days in chilly Albany, NY were over, packed his paints and moved to sunny San Diego.

Actually he had some extra incentive to do it, too (and herein lies our treat for you). Dana’s friend – a Pacific Beach resident – invited him to come spread Dana’s artistic goodness in his life by painting the entire interior of his PB apartment… from head to toe.

This guy turned his friend’s cabinets into a scuba diving scene of wonder, he painted giant octopuses in the kitchen, a relaxed sunset beach scene in the bedroom, and didn’t stop there! He even created a custom surfboard centerpiece that illuminates the living room.

On top of being one rockin’ freelance commercial artist, Dana is also a fun caricature artist, drawing caricatures for bars, restaurants, parties and more. “No funerals yet though so that’s good,” he says.

And, like all San Diegan transplants, for Dana, it is love. We think it’s safe to say that on behalf of San Diego, it is requited love!

So keep an eye out for Dana and his works around town!

For samples of Dana’s art, check out his website:, or follow him on FB at:

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