This New Non-Profit Is Making (Latte) Waves. Don’t Miss Their Launch Party!

The San Diego Coffee Training Institute (SDCTI) is a new and innovative organization making waves in the non-profit scene.

The group’s mission is simple, yet pretty brilliant: Teach marginalized populations in San Diego the skills to begin working in the coffee industry, and help them land jobs.

With images of intricate #LatteArt designs bombarding our social media feeds, and lines out the doors of our local home-brew coffee shops, I think we can all agree the coffee industry is booming!

SDCTI hopes to arm at-risk individuals with marketable coffee skills, complete with certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), job placement assistance and all.

Teach people the skills for a particular trade and give them highly-regarded certification recognized throughout the industry. It’s genius.

And with SDCTI’s plans for a robust training facility and campus, we have no doubt it’s going to work.

In celebration of SDCTI’s recent 501(c)3 accreditation, they will be having a kickoff party and fundraiser at Cafe Virtuoso on Thursday, March 23rd (6:30pm to 8:30pm).

The party is open to the public and will be complete with food, wine, beer, coffee tastings, latte art classes, silent auctions, raffle prizes and more.

Tickets are available in advance, here for $20, and also at the door for $25.

For more information or to donate, visit and follow the San Diego Coffee Training Institute on Facebook and Twitter.

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