Weapon Ramen Is Now Open At Liberty Public Market

Local creative collective, Open Gym, under the direction of Chef Phillip Esteban, has landed with their first brick and mortar concept, via an unassuming corner food stall in Liberty Public Market, with three more down the pipeline to open in 2021.

It’s called Weapon, an ode to the myth, imagination, and experience of a Neo Tokyo ramen, chirashi (Japanese styled rice bowls), and active listening bars.

Weapon Ramen Is Now Open At Liberty Public Market

An ode to the myth, imagination, and experience

Known for their love of teamwork, ethic, passion to share their travel experiences, and the pursuit of pushing the San Diego hospitality scene forward, the team wanted Weapon Ramen to reflect their experiences and identity to be reflected in their take on the dish that the team grew up enjoying.

Weapon is an exploration of identity rooted in unfiltered curiosity, creating balance and harmony.

“Throughout our lives we have been deeply inspired by the art, food, and cultural texture of Japan. Everything from Anime, fashion and jazz-funk to the philosophies steeped in the deepest traditions, dating back thousands of years. This became more crystalized once we spent time traveling to and exploring Japan. The transformative experiences that we had, ultimately led to the formation of Weapon which is an exploration of the things that add to our identity,”  says Chef Phillip Esteban.

Weapon Ramen is located at 2820 Historic Decatur Rd STE 009, San Diego, CA, 92116. Hours of operation are Sunday to Wednesday, 12PM – 6PM,  Thursday to Saturday. 11AM – 7PM.

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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