Celebrate The Holidays San Diego-Style With Whale Watching Kayak Tours

Each year, hundreds of gray whales make an annual 12,400-mile round trip journey between their northern feeding grounds off Alaska to the warm waters of Baja California where the
pregnant females give birth to their calves. On this journey, the whales pass by San Diego and a great way to see these gentle giants is via kayaking tours with Everyday California.

Not only do these tours put adventurers right into the whale’s natural habitat, but it’s a great way to get close to the animals without disturbing them with a loud engine and learn interesting facts about these impressive creatures. The company begins offering whale watching tours in December.

To ensure the safety of guests, tours are kept to a maximum of 10 people, face masks are required and gear is thoroughly sanitized between uses to ensure a safe experience. Single and double kayaks are available, however, double kayaks may only be used for individuals quarantining together. Tours can be booked here!

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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