Here’s How To Get Up Close And Personal With The Grey Whales!

The Grey Whales are on their annual migration to the lagoons of Mexico, and there is no cooler and more adventurous way to see them than by kayak!

Lucky for us, they swing right by our coastline in San Diego, and local company Everyday California, a lifestyle company offering ocean adventures and premium apparel, specializes in whale watching tours that get you a front-row seat to all of the spectacular action!

An Unforgettable Tour

Everyday California’s kayak tours offer an unbeatable, personal glimpse of  the Grey Whales. The two-hour tour is the perfect non-polluting, non-threatening and intimate way to experience one of nature’s most extraordinary events.

Everyday California’s whale watching kayak tours also offer up close and personal views of other marine life, including seals, fish and dolphins.

Grab your crew and sign up for an unforgettable adventure!

See you there!

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