The Wise Ox Is Bringing Back The Thrill Of The Grill For National Barbecue Month

The National Barbecue Month is almost upon us, and The Wise Ox Butcher + Eatery has lined up smoking hot specials so San Diegans can enjoy the thrill of the grill all month long.

Firing up the flavor, The Wise Ox is offering drool-worthy meals, high-quality cuts to grill at home, and more. Specials include the bi-weekly Low + Slow Ox Barbecue Saturday’s taking place Saturday, May 1st, May 15th, and May 29th from 11 AM until supplies run out.

Sausage release days

Tuesdays are sausage release days, featuring a mouth-watering brand new flavor each week starting with green chorizo on May 4th, bacon cheeseburger on May 11th, mushroom & Swiss on May 18th, and bacon chili cheddar on May 25th.

National Leg of Lamb Day

On National Leg of Lamb Day, May 7th, The Wise Ox will be serving up Lamb Sandwiches complete with spiced chile aioli, feta spread, spicy marinated cucumbers, and Cilantro.

Wagyu Weekend

May 15th – 16th is Wagyu Weekend, where The Wise Ox will highlight fresh cuts for New York and Ribeye steaks, burgers, and tri-tip. Pair with a side or let these high-quality cuts shine on their own for a meal that you won’t soon forget.

National Brisket Day

Last but not least, on National Brisket Day on May 28th, the brisket burger will be the main event. This juicy burger will leave us all counting the days until next year’s National Barbecue Month.

Be the master of your grill

To ensure San Diegans are making the most of their Nation Barbecue Month, pitmaster Ryan Sharpe has offered up a hot tip for those looking to take on the power of the grill at home:

“Using charcoal alone will add great flavor to your food, however using different herb mops, sprays and dry rubs can also impart great flavor to each cook, giving you the flexibility to change the flavor profile of each type of cuisine you are cooking. Having a spray bottle filled with some sort of flavored liquid (ex. apple cider vinegar or Worcestershire sauce) is a great way to add flavor and color to your meat. I recommend using these after the “crust” is formed. Meat forms a better crust when it is dry.” – Ryan Sharpe.

Thanks for the tips, Ryan!

Fire up those grills…and stay healthy, San Diego!

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