Wonderspaces Returns to San Diego With ‘In Common’

Wonderspaces – the company behind two previous art shows in San Diego that drew over 178,000 visitors – returns to San Diego June 7th!

Opening June 7th at the B Street Pier and presented in partnership with the Port of San Diego, the show will feature thirteen installations from artists from around the world, and only artwork Wonderspaces has never presented before.

“We’ve been anticipating our return to the B St Pier since the last show closed, working with artists both from San Diego and from around the world to prepare an all-new show,” said Wonderspaces President Jason Shin. “in common presents thirteen new art installations that are unlike any we’ve shown before but with the same intention: to create a place for friends and family to enjoy together.”

The show’s theme is empathy.

The thirteen works offer a range of experiences that all point to a few fundamental questions and highlight what we all have in common. The artwork lineup includes an immersive installation by Maja Petrić where visitors see themselves illustrated as constellations, a virtual reality experience by Lucas Rizzotto in which participants can listen to stories, hopes, and secrets shared by previous participants and offer their own, and an interactive piece by San Diego- based Margaret Noble that has participants navigate a network of ropes and other tactile materials while wearing blindfolds and listening to a soundscape she designed.


To learn more about Wonderspaces and purchase tickets, visit wonderspaces.com.

See you there!

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