You & Yours Kicks Off Wildly Unique Distillery Tours

If you love craft cocktails, friendly locals, hotel bars and a comfortable ambiance; add a stop at the You & Yours Distillery to this week’s plans!

To make your You & Yours experience even sweeter, beginning on Wednesday, August 9th, intimate tours and tastings will be available Wednesdays through Sundays for $25 per person!

These intimate tours offer guests an inside look into the distilling process, the full story on how You & Yours came into existence and an education on the distillation process.

The best part? You get to taste You & Yours signature vodka and gin.

Lucky for us, we got a sneak peek into the distillery tour and here’s what went down.

We arrived early and were instantly welcomed by one of the friendly bartenders and the You & Yours co-founder, Luke Mahoney. Luke’s welcoming, hands-on style set apart this unique bar from traditional watering hole.

As we cozied up in one of the inviting booths that lined the wall, we were quickly serviced by a smiling bartender who greeted us and brought over some menus.

It was near impossible to choose what to order – all of the options sounded so unique and different from your average cocktail list. Per the bartender’s recommendation, we opted for the light and refreshing “Side Salad” cocktail and the “Border Coffee” cocktail which puts any spiked coffee to shame!

While enjoying the ambiance and our cocktails before the tour, we were approached by the sociable and gracious owner, Laura K. Johnson, and Luke. They described the concept behind You & Yours Distillery and their vision for the business – a warm and friendly place with high quality spirits.

Before the tour even began we felt that everything about the You & Yours Distillery breathed this vision of theirs. Everyone we met was extremely friendly, cool, and laid back, and the service was excellent.

On the tour, we got an inside look into the day-to-day distillation process for both You & Yours’ signature vodka and gin. All of the alcohol served in the bar is actually distilled here and stands as a true testament to the quality and nature of their liquor.

After years of permitting processes, patience, chemistry, and dedication to the vision, Laura & Luke’s distillery dream became a reality.

Laura went on to familiarize us to the massive custom distiller and provided insights into the chemistry behind the spirits.

Then Luke offered tastings of both vodka and gin. As we sipped the tastings, Laura provided us with fresh botanicals and we experienced the aromatics and flavors that make up the spirits. The spirits are produced in small batches and their fresh essences and flavors can be consumed sans mixer, which to us… says a lot.

Needless to say, step aside old standards, we have revitalized our palettes with You & Yours!

The tour ended with some fun as we tried our hands at custom labeling their vodka bottles.

Visiting You & Yours is a truly unique experience and one of California’s first as an urban distillery tour.

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast or simply looking for a uniquely San Diego experience (with a little education, relaxed fun, and superb spirits), put this intimate 45-minute tour on your calendar.

Bonus: If you take the distillery tour, you get $10 off your first bottle, and trust us, you and yours will be taking a little You & Yours home!

Tickets for the distillery tours can be purchased at

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