Your Guide To This Week’s North County Concerts

North County is providing you with the best pop, post punk, reggae and Americana this weekend.

Why’s that, you ask? Why not.

North County’s venues have your best interest at heart—if you ever have doubt, just hit up one of their shows. Faith restored.

Aviator Stash, Mittens, Party Nails – 8/11

Pour House


These groups put the pop in “pop rock.” But don’t worry—they rock out too. Aviator Stash’s psychedelic blues traverses into pop territory with catchy hooks while Party Nails and Mittens stay firmly on the pop-side.

Come sugarcoat your insides with some pop sweetness and smooth blues at Pour House.

The I-Ways – 8/12

Aztec Brewing Company


This 7-piece all-Mexican reggae band makes San Diego a more positive place, one show at a time. The group played at the Vista Rotary International Music Festival and J.R. Organics Annual Spring Farm Tour 2015 to spread environmental consciousness and music to the San Diego youth.

Hipper, The Birth Defects, Buffalo Tooth and Loom – 8/12

Pour House


It’s a heavy night at Pour House. Come check out these head bangers as they put on a show that’ll take you to holy hell and back.

Blood Ponies and Of Ennui – 8/12

The Stag


Blood Ponies’ post punk harkens back to the greats: Bauhaus, Nick Cave, Joy Division… you get the idea. Born with “the aspect of the demon,” Blood Ponies bring danger to rock music. Don’t you want to feel the fear?

Of Ennui plays heavy rock with a healthy dose of ambient doom mixed-in for good measure. Come see what shoegaze is all about at the Stag.

Pokey LaFarge – 8/13

Belly Up

Solana Beach

Pokey LaFarge combines blues, country and Western swing to make an Americana all his own. His irreverent humor is illustrated perfectly by his music videos.

Feel free to bypass the music videos and skip to the real deal. You’ll be able to wind down your weekend with LaFarge’s brand of singing and songwriting. And you’ll be glad you did.