New ArtReach Mural For Lauderbach Elementary Funded By The City Of Chula Vista

ArtReach, in partnership with The City of Chula Vista and the Create Chula Vista Visual Arts Grant, is thrilled to have brought a new transformative mural to the front of J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary, bringing life, color, and joy to the front of the school. This mural was designed by local artist, Josué Baltézar, who grew up in Chula Vista himself, and painted by over 100 6th grade students, staff, and community.

ArtReach and J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary

Welcome and Bienvenidos to J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary!

A school of transformation, growth, collaboration, and rootedness, over 100 6th-grade students from the class of 2023 contributed their time, care, and focus on painting this mural. Not only did the participating students paint much of the wall, but they also helped inspire the design during ArtReach-led workshops by sharing their words, ideas, and drawings of what they could envision for the front of their school. The result is this stunning and colorful legacy mural, painted by their very own hands.

ArtReach student volunteer doing mural painting on a wall

From left to right, we start with the larger-than-life, Opuntia (prickly pear cactus) which represents the strength and resilience that Lauderbach students and community carry within them. Joyful Papel Picado (perforated paper) with three birds rests above the door. These three birds not only symbolize journey and destination, but also distinctly stand for 3 generations of Lauderbach families and the deep-rootedness of this community as a whole.

ArtReach Mural Project

The Lauderbach Cougar, representing school pride, sits and looks towards a hopeful and bright horizon, surrounded by the golden blooms of our state flower, the California poppy. Above the windows is an homage to the City of Chula Vista by rendering a visual tie to the city logo and further encompassing Chula Vista pride.

Lastly, the word Bienvenidos (Welcome) can be seen right at the pickup/drop off area. This marks Lauderbach’s unique position as a dual language immersion school and also welcomes all to the Lauderbach Family.

Collaboration is key

J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary and ArtReach mural project

This imaginative mural at J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary is a bold reminder of what can be achieved when many people collaborate with care and connection. Above all, it is a reminder to all students that just like the powerful and growing Opuntia, they also carry within themselves their own potential for growth, transformation, and the ability to bloom.

J. Calvin Lauderbach Elementary

This ArtReach mural project was made possible by the City of Chula Vista and The Chula Vista Library through the Create Chula Vista Visual Arts Grant.

Keep up to date with ArtReach, visit the website here and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

See you there, San Diego!

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