The Black Out Fashion Week San Diego Virtual Show

The Black Out Fashion Week San Diego mission is to educate and provide resources to all who come through their production. The aim is to provide a platform that will bring the proper awareness to independent brands that will help them grow and expand.


Outlaw LOTE

OUTLAW LOTE is about living life on the edge, being unapologetically bold, and living fearlessly. Being an OUTLAW is about taking risks, and believing in yourself when NO ONE else will. Life is too short to “play it safe” – LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE!

R. Alexander Collection

One of a kind, R. Alexander Collections caters to all women, no matter the weight, height or cultural background. Our fashions are BOLD & STYLISH, yet ready to wear. They are designed to be functional in many settings – from the office to “Happy-Hour”. It is “Modern Chic”, making women stand out with class and splash of edginess.

To watch the virtual show, get tickets here!

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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