Cafe 222 Breaks Out The Best Of The Best To Celebrate 25 Years Of Brunch Glory

cafe 222

San Diego’s quirky-delicious Cafe 222 is celebrating 25 years of inventive spins on American comfort classics, and this is a multiple-month party you don’t want to miss.

Starting in March, each month the breakfast and lunch joint will break out a dish from their all-time favorites list.

The best of the best from 25 years of culinary greatness?! You have our attention.

No question, these dishes are going to be awesome.

And March sets the brunch bar high with the deliciousness of green eggs and spam. Terryl Gavre, Cafe 222’s spirited owner, added green eggs and spam to the menu when the cafe opened in 1992; and it quickly became a top seller. The scramble, made with three eggs, diced spam, spinach and jack cheese, is served with griddled potatoes and toast.

“People like to knock spam,” says Gavre, “But secretly, everyone loves it.”

Our sentiments exactly, Terry!

Gavre selected green eggs and spam as the featured March dish for two reasons: Thursday, March 2 is Dr. Seuss Day, and a few weeks later, Friday, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day.

Who exactly is this mastermind behind the scenes?

Gavre started working in the restaurant business when she was just 15 years old, and has since become one of the most popular restaurateurs in Southern California.

She opened Cafe 222 in 1992 with money made from selling her life story to Lifetime TV.

That’s right. She developed a business in her early 20s called “The Surrogate Wife,” cooking, shopping and running errands for Seattle’s most well-known high-income bachelors. Naturally, this business model attracted national media attention and Gavre seized the opportunity to write a screenplay that became a made-for-television movie titled, “This Wife for Hire.”

She has since opened Cafe 222, Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant and started a blog, Peace, Love and Mayo.

Gavre’s unique personality is reflected in all aspects of Cafe 222, and over the years, her edible expertise has been featured in Gourmet Magazine, on Food Network as Bobby Flay’s choice for the show, “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” in USA Today, and many others.

Gavre’s true claim to fame is waffles, and chances are you’ve seen her waffle-on-her-head mug all over downtown San Diego.

We highly suggest you partake in these all-time favorite dish delights, and do send us pictures (or actual samples if you really want to win our hearts) of your yumminess!

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