Carlsbad Music Festival Returns This August

The Carlsbad Music Festival will return in 2021 with our 17th annual festival scheduled August 27 – 29! As a precaution against COVID-19, the 2021 festival will be held entirely outdoors for the first time.

Carlsbad Music Festival Returns This August

In the spring of last year, the decision was made to forgo all programming for the duration of 2020. This was the first time in 16 years the festival did not occur.

It’s the hope of the organizers that the return of live music will serve as “balm, buoy and ballast for the soul of our community”.

Donations needed

In addition to the fundraising done each year, there’s an additional hurdle of a year with no revenue. The Carlsbad Music Festival 2021 is thankful for all the donors and grants that granted help through this financially difficult time.

If you are able, please join in making a donation to the organization to help bring back “adventurous music by the beach” in 2021.

Carlsbad Music Festival

“We believe more than ever in the power of music: to bring people together, to express the range of human emotion, to offer insights into other cultures, to allow glimpses into worlds we’ve never imagined, to make our bodies and spirits move. We can’t wait to share it with you again!” says Matt McBane, Founder and Artistic Director.

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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