Deena Altman Unravels The Narrative Of Women In A Society Of Cultural Blindness At OMA

Despite an increase in gender equality, there is still a cultural blindness where women subtly succumb to a second-class life. Deena Altman explores this unspoken challenge in a women’s life in Oceanside Museum of Art’s upcoming art exhibition, Deena Altman: Female Rising.

Deena Altman: Female Rising Oceanside Museum of Art

Deena Altman: Female Rising Soon To Open At Oceanside Museum

The eight-part series depicts the life of women from toddler to elder, with each piece highlighting each stage of the female experience and the responses to societal pressure. Deena Altman: Female Rising will be open to the public on Saturday, September 23 through Sunday, February 4, 2024.

This watercolor series unravels the narrative of women throughout their lives in a society where everyone, knowingly or not, contributes to suffering that binds their growth and development. With each era occupying a different canvas, the exhibit gives us a glimpse into the experiences and challenges that both impair and energize their paths.

Deena Altman: Female Rising Oceanside Museum of Art

Depicted in powerful surreal realism is a dynamic and heroic toddler, a teen struggling to show her true colors, a pregnancy affecting a woman’s sense of individuality, and a wise, older woman baring her heart to reach and nourish all she touches.

About Deena Altman

After spending many years working as the VP of Marketing for her national horticultural company, Altman Plants, Deena Altman is now a full-time artist following her passion to paint. Focusing on watercolor as her preferred medium, Deena Altman has achieved signature status at the Watercolor USA Honor Society, the highly regarded San Diego Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Oceanside Museum of Art

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