Contemporary Interpretations Of WPA-Era Art Spark Conversation About Human Resilience At Oceanside Museum Of Art

The complimentary exhibition, WPA: Contemporary Interpretations is now on display at Oceanside Museum Of Art (OMA) from now until November 5, 2023.

WPA: Contemporary Interpretations Oceanside Museum Of Art

Curated by Trinh Mai, this exhibition presents the works of five contemporary artists who draw inspiration from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) era to reflect on the challenges and hopes that define our present moment.

Their works offer a visual and thematic response to historic paintings from the adjacent exhibition, Art for the People: WPA-Era Paintings from the Dijkstra Collection.

The exhibition features wooden sculptures by Scott Bruckner, which explore the relationship between humans and machines, similar to Hugo Gellert’s Worker and Machine. Don Bartletti’s photographs honor the perseverance of individuals who gaze intently upon potential, like Fletcher Martin’s Migrant Woman.

WPA: Contemporary Interpretations Oceanside Museum Of Art

Margaret Chiaro, Elizabeth Munzon, and Trinh Mai carry forward the legacy of family history and tradition, reflecting on the labor required and sacrifices made in the search for survival and fulfillment.

Through their contemporary interpretations, these artists bear witness to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of suffering and pronounce the hope that has sustained us for generations.

WPA: Contemporary Interpretations Oceanside Museum Of Art

As we step gingerly through the pandemic and witness our communities springing back into life, this exhibition is a timely reminder of the challenges that define our present moment and the resilience required to face them.

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