Your Rods And Cones Need A Break. Don’t Miss La Bodega’s Black & White Photography Show!

Animated movies, video games, heavy Instagram filters… let’s just say our eyes are a little over-saturated.

It’s true – sometimes too much color can give an unnatural feel.

That’s why we found a nice break for your straining eyes – a little R&R for your rods and cones, if you will!

On Saturday, August 12th, head to La Bodega Gallery for their Black & White group art show.

Enjoy the classic B&W tradition of luminous, well-crafted and thoughtfully composed imagery.

Hey, you may even want to bring your kids to show them about this rare-to-them “phenomena” of black and white!

Yeah, we just dated ourselves.

But seriously, this event is open to all ages – and it’s free!

Basically, it’s a no brainer.

If we were your rods and cones, and found out you missed an opportunity to imbibe on a night of black and white for free, we’d be pretty disappointed! 🤓

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