Here’s Why You Need To Be At The San Diego Surf Film Festival

San Diego Surf Film Festival

This week happens to be the magical week of The San Diego Surf Film Festival, and in case you haven’t attended before, here’s why this is the year you want to join the band wagon:

Taking place Wednesday, May 10th and continuing through Saturday, May 13th, this year will be the first time the festival is opening the VIP Nautilus Pass Party to the public (although in a very limited capacity). We heard those words and wanted to get you access ASAP so just click right here to snag your $20 ticket now!

San Diego Surf Film Festival

And if you can’t make the party, don’t worry, the remainder of the week and weekend are going to be packed with equally great #FOMO-worthy events like a full moon surf, special presentation from Surfer Magazine’s photo editor, Fall Brewing tastings and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the schedule. For more details, access to the full schedule and the ability to buy individual day tickets, check out the link below.

Wednesday, May 10th

Live Art Brewery Takeover | Fall Brewing Co.

  • Live Art
  • Food Truck
  • Special Film Screening
  • Brewery Tasting
  • Gift Bags for Nautilus Pass Holders

Thursday, May 11th

Skip Frye Lifetime Tribute | Bird’s Surf Shed

  • Silent Auction
  • Live music from Mango Melody
  • Live art by Matt Beard
  • Food, Drinks and Friends
  • Skip Frye Presentation with Special Guests
  • SDSFF 2017 Official Selection Films
    • Addicted to the Glide – dir. Ryan Struck – 3 min
    • Such A Long Time – dir. Josh Rufford – 4 min
    • The Trestle Special – dir. Andrew James Abajian – 5 min
    • Fish People – dir. Keith Malloy – 60min

Friday, May 12th

Film Festival Block 2 – Block 5 And A Full Moon Surf | Misfit Gallery

  • Film Festival Blocks 2 – 5
    • Great Highway – dir. Mark Gunson – 88 min
    • A Good Drowning – dir. Shane Knock – 2 min
    • Wave Tracker – dir. Jade Deyoe – 13 min
    • Let Them Eat Surf – dir. Jamie Tierney – 27 min
    • Las Olas – dir. Joel Sharpe – 44 min
    • SeaLone – dir. Luca Merli – 7 min
    • Inna Di Caribbean – dir. Arthur Bourbon – 22 min
    • Being There – dir. Lea Brassy – 26 min
    • I’m African – dir. Benlamlih Ismail – 30 min
  • Special presentation: Secrets of Desert Point
  • Private tasting from Stone Brewing (for VIP Nautilus Pass holders)
  • Full Moon Surf with NVS at Northside Scripps Pier

Saturday, May 13th

Film Festival Block 6 – Block 8, Group Surf, 5k, Tastings And More | Various Locations

  • Cardiff Reef Takeover (from bodysurfing to mats to paipos to fish to logs to alaias. If you need surfing equipment there will be plenty of demos and loaners on hand so get there early. Come find out how Smartfin and surfing will change the planet for the better)
  • Trash Dash 5k
  • Expression Session (juried Semi Plein Air Art and Surf Invitational)
  • Filmmaker Lunch (meet, greet & eat)
  • In-Depth: slideshow presentation featuring Grant Ellis (photo editor at Surfer Magazine)
  • Film Festival Block 6
    • Creators: Belinda Baggs – dir. Zach Weisberg – 3 min
    • Masa – dir. Dominic de Salis – 4 min
    • Under The Above – dir.Gabriel Novis – 5 min
    • Bezerke – dir. Andrew Kaineder – 15 min
    • Lumiere – dir. Tay Steele – 17 min
    • Against The Grain – dir. Jade Deyoe – 20 min
  • Special Presentation: Space is the Place
  • Private tasting from Stone Brewing (for VIP Nautilus Pass holders)
  • Film Festival Block 7
    • Sliding Into The Light – dir. Simon Bein and Crystal Thornburg-Homcy – 6 min
    • Bruce Gold: The Last of the Great Surfing Hippies – dir. Anders Melchior – 9 min
    • My Mind – dir. CheezyDuck – 20 min
    • Under An Arctic Sky – dir. Chris Burkard – 45 min
  • Award Ceremony Rager
  • Film Festival Block 8
    • A Road Through Galica – dir. Luke Pilbeam – 8 min
    • Way East – dir. Aline Block and Lena Stoffel – 21 min
    • Red Chargers – dir. Rocky Romano and Miranda Winters – 60 min


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