Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

When you’re heading out to celebrate the season or start your holiday shopping, make it a point to stop in at Fort Oak for a bite to eat or a quick drink to help get you in the spirit.

Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

Executive Chef Brad Wise and his team have introduced a few new weekend brunch items to the award-winning menu that are sure to spice things up and give regulars, as well as newbies, some great new options.

In addition, Beverage Director Jessica Stewart has added two new cocktails to the bright, refreshing, and well-balanced bar menu inspired by classic cars in a nod to the restaurant location’s vintage car dealership roots.

Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

The complete list of new brunch and beverage offerings includes:


With omelet, American cheese, sausage, bacon, lettuce, onion, basil aioli and potatoes. Two slices of toasted brioche are smeared with a thick creamy basil aioli that has a good amount of parmesan cheese in it.  That’s topped with a whole egg omelet with diced breakfast sausage and American cheese and finished with sliced raw red onion, gem lettuce and two strips of crispy bacon. Served with the all-new breakfast potatoes.


With two eggs, smoked pork, pinto beans, cheese, radish, guacamole and pickled jalapeño. The ranchero sauce is a tomato-based sauce that is seasoned with jalapeno chili, dried arbol, guijillo and ancho chili, cumin seed then addition of ground and rendered smoked pork shoulder, smoked pork belly and bacon all brought together and cooked for low and slow for one hour.


Cooked and lightly crushed red potatoes then fried and tossed in hotel butter (whipped butter with garlic, lemon zest, salt, black pepper, chives, and parsley) salt, black pepper and thyme.


With two eggs, cotija, pinto beans, lime crema, guacamole and pickled jalapeño gremolata. A crispy corn tortilla cut into large squares tossed in salsa verde and oaxaca cheese then plated with pinto beans seasoned with chili powder then egg of choice and crema seasoned with lime. Finished with cotija and a jalapeno gremolata that is equal parts of small diced cilantro, jalapeno and raw red onion with a small amount of garlic.

Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

Don’t forget the cocktails!

Beverage Director Jessica Stewart has also introduced new cocktails including:

The GALAXIE, a refreshing and a touch savory cocktail featuring vodka, cucumber, citrus, aloe, and green tea and is garnished with a cucumber wheel and basil blossom. Available at dinner and weekend brunch.

Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

HOUSE ESPRESSO MARTINI served with a scoop of Mr. Trustee cookies and cream ice cream.

Fort Oak Unveils New Weekend Brunch Dishes Worth Getting Up Early For

See you there!

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