Your Guide To This Week’s San Diego Concerts

Whether you’re in the mood for sure-fire favorites or want to experience some new blood, San Diego has you covered. Power pop, classic electronica or…murderfolk? Yeah, things are going to get interesting.

In The Valley Below – 8/4

The Casbah

Little Italy

Isn’t it nice when indie pop is full of style and substance?

With great beats, penetratingly haunting lyrics and catchy hooks, In the Valley Below combines the best of indie songwriter-crafted lyrics with the infectious tenacity of pop dance music.

This is one to dance to and contemplate. Come shake up your Friday night at the Casbah.

Chastity Belt – 8/4

Space Bar

Normal Heights

Chastity Belt’s alt-rock power pop has enough energy to power you into the wee hours of the morning. These ladies know how to have a good time and their irreverent views on relationships and life will have you rolling.

Take friends or come by your lonesome—either way, you’re going to have a trip.

The Crystal Method – 8/5

Music Box

Downtown San Diego

Electronic music duo The Crystal Method has been making music since the early ‘90s. Their brand of trip hop dance music has passed the test of time. This is your chance to see innovators of the genre live. Don’t miss this.

Amigo The Devil – 8/5

Soda Bar

City Heights

Amigo The Devil plays murderfolk. For the uninitiated, murderfolk is a genre of music that describes heinous murders to the tune of folk music. Think murder ballads, but without the “ballad” limitation of song structure.

If you think hearing about a battered wife take her revenge to the tune of banjo music sounds great—you’re definitely right—and you’re in luck. Come see The Devil at Soda Bar.

KRS-One and Slick Rick – 8/4

The Observatory North Park

Downtown San Diego

Rapper and producer KRS-One started making his mark on hip hop in the mid-1980s in the duo Boogie Down Productions. And his discography is nothing to sniff at. Plus, he’s won awards like VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, BET Hip Hop Awards and Urban Music Awards’ Living Legend Award.

KRS-One has also appeared in a surprising amount of movies as himself. Talk about showmanship—he does it all. Come see him and hip hop legend Slick Rick at The Observatory.