New Website Will Find The San Diego Adventure You’re Looking For In Seconds!

As San Diegans, we can be a little… overwhelmed. A good kind of overwhelmed, that is!

You see, we have so many amazing natural areas around our fine city, that we could use a little help deciding on the right outdoor escape for a given day.

Well, the folks at GreenInfo Network have our sentiments exactly, and so they developed one seriously awesome website called Get Outside San Diego.

Get Outside San Diego takes all of the information and details of 1,100 parks in San Diego county and organizes it beautifully – allowing for anyone to quickly and intuitively find the right outdoor adventure for them.

The company’s MO is to provide local, in-the-know details and relevant information for each of these areas, with updated accessibility notices, topography maps, weather forecasts, and even downloadable PDF maps for those looking to disconnect on their outdoor day, to name a few.

If you’re looking for new places to hike, fish or simply hang under the sun near you, this website has got it all.

Once on the site, you can choose to quickly “find a park” near you (since the site is super mobile-friendly), sort by “adventures” like higher altitude or canyon hikes, or even “find things to do” when you’re just totally undecided.

“Get Outside San Diego is the first of its kind,” said Dan Rademacher of GreenInfo Network. “While search engines and web maps can be useful for finding neighborhood parks, they don’t have accurate park details for the entire county.”

Through the new web tool, users can:

  • Search for parks anywhere in San Diego County, including state and national parks and preserves
  • Find parks by 20 recreational activities (fishing, hiking, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Browse custom web maps of parks, showing topography, roads and more
  • See high-resolution “birds eye” photo views of most parks
  • Download individual maps for most parks (PDFs)
  • Share favorite parks or discoveries on social media
  • Learn about groups working to protect San Diego’s parks, and find other resources on specific recreational activities

So if you need some inspiration for your next outdoor adventure, give Get Outside San Diego a try and let us know what you think!

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