Kline Swonger Featured in New Installation at the Station at ARTS DISTRICT

NTC Foundation is excited to unveil the latest Installation at the Station sculpture by interdisciplinary artist, Kline Swonger, in the vibrant ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station.

Kline Swonger presents ‘Water and Words’ at Installation at the Station

With a mission to bring thought-provoking artworks and foster community engagement, Installations at the Station, overseen by the Art in Public Places Committee (AiPP), has chosen Swonger to present this groundbreaking installation, titled Water and Words, drawing inspiration from water, memories, and light.

The installation will begin at the end of December, and the piece will be viewable at the start of the new year near Barracks 2.

Installation at the Station presents Kline Swonger

“We couldn’t be happier to highlight another talented artist in ARTS DISTRICT as part of the Installations at the Station program,” said Lisa Johnson, President and CEO of the NTC Foundation.

“Kline Swonger’s ability to intertwine the reflections of our community’s memories with the fluidity of the water in this installation is nothing short of remarkable! We invite the community to stop by this brand new installation as well as take a public art tour of all the wonderful works on display from past years.”

Flowing throughout our lives, water serves as a profound and emotionally evoking element, carrying the shared memories of humanity, animals, and the environment on their respective journeys through life. This vital connection finds deeper exploration in Swonger’s latest sculpture, set to take the spotlight at the arts and culture hub.

The Artistic Concept and Community Involvement

“The first time visiting NTC Liberty Station, I was struck by the resemblance the site had to a naval ship and the beauty of the canal adjacent to the property,” said Swonger. “Returning to the site years later, I enjoyed watching how visitors moved through the renovated barracks, their bodies weaving through the long hallways—stopping, starting, swirling around to greet friends. This movement inspired the creation of my latest piece, Water and Words. Through this installation, I hope to allow viewers to contemplate their connection with the waters within San Diego and reflect upon its complexities.”

Installation at the Station Arts District

Meant to visually represent water, the installation is composed of thin, ribbon-like structures suspended high above and seemingly woven through the archways of the corridors in the barracks. Words relating to associations with and memories of water will be collected from community members to be reflected in the translucent material.

As the sun beams its rays through, the silhouette of the embedded text will be cast upon the floor. Similar to the tide, this cast light and shadow will flow within the space, revealing and concealing the messages on the floor during different times of day.

“One aspect that stood out is that this site, beyond simply training sailors, was about creating community and striving for a sense of connection, even when members were away from home,” said Swonger.  “I tried to imagine what it would have been like for people joining the Navy and coming to NTC for the first time. I wondered what transformations they experienced and what they learned while away at sea. With those ideas in mind, I was then able to reflect it back into my work and showcase it through the different features of the sculpture.”

Installation at the Station

See you there!

The Water and Words sculptural installation calls for a bigger conversation addressing the complexity of water as a compound that resides within each of us and connects us all. Swonger invites viewers to contemplate their connection with the waters within San Diego and reflect upon the layered aspects of water.

For more information about the new installation of Installations at the Station and the NTC Foundation, click here.

See you there, San Diego!

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