Prohibition’s Seasonal Cocktail Selections Sing Of Hometown Glory

This is cool. Prohibition, the Gaslamp Quarter’s underground speakeasy located at 548 Fifth Ave., has introduced a new seasonal cocktail menu that is a playful ode to San Diego’s regions, cities and neighborhoods.

Available in time to provide relief from the sweltering summer heat, Beverage Director Ryan Andrews crafted these cocktails as a way to cool off and showcase America’s Finest City.

Available for $14 each, new selections include:

The North Remembers, made with Henebery rye whiskey, Jägermeister, lime, almond orgeat, mint and strawberry, as inspired by North County

Trip to Belize, a mix of Brugal 1888 rum, lemon, pamplemousse, cinnamon, Dimmi and R&D aromatic #7 bitters, as inspired by Ocean Beach

Battle Ground, a combination of peach tea-infused bourbon, lemon, Demerara, egg white, soda and R&D house bitters, as inspired by East Village

Pinche Duende, made with tequila, time, celery, basil and tajin, as inspired by the Gaslamp Quarter

I’m Sailing Away…, crafted with Bols Genever, watermelon cordial and Bols Elderflower, as inspired by Point Loma

So Hip It’s Stirred, made with Japanese Whisky, apricot oleo-saccharum and R&D house bitters, as inspired by North Park

Woo Girls Go Woo, a mix of Partida blanco tequila, Chareau, lemon, red bell pepper, Demerara and R&D fire bitters, as inspired by Bankers Hill

El Fruterio, a mix of Azuñia GBOD single barrel reposado tequila, Aperol, pamplemousse, lemon, grapefruit and saline, as inspired by Barrio Logan

Yoga Pants, created with Cognac, cashew orgeat, lemon and R&D sarsaparilla bitters, as inspired by Coronado

Banana Hammock, crafted with El Silencio mezcal, banana, lime, pineapple, coconut liqueur, Amontillado sherry, vanilla liqueur and R&D smoked bitters, as inspired by East Village

Lowriders and Leggings, made with Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin, maraschino, citric acid, R&D cherry apple bitters and crème de violette foam, as inspired by Pacific Beach.

Not a Morning Person, a combination of You & Yours Sunday Gin, lemon, honey, raspberry and R&D lavender bitters, as inspired by South Park

We like the local touch, and we plan on seeing what every neighborhood tastes like before summer is over!

See you there!

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