Electric Realism Artist Sarah Stieber Introduces A Superpower Jewelry Collection In Time For The Holidays

Sarah Stieber, the artist known for her Electric Realism art that explores themes of social justice, resilience, and joy. introduces her Superpower Jewelry Collection in time for the holidays. This collection is inspired by her paintings to make you feel like a magical, badass work of art!

Stained Glass Superhero Earrings

Make your own magic with the super-lightweight stained glass inspired superpower earrings. Each earring is made of gold-coated brass and transparent enamel with 14/20 yellow gold-filled hooks and weighs 0.07oz. The Stained Glass superhero earrings are inspired by the painting “Room Bloom”, which is about infusing creativity and color into your home and world.

Take these statement earrings for a spin and bloom beauty wherever you go!

Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings 

Express your creativity with the Rainbow Ribbon Magic earrings, made of mirror acrylic and gold plated stainless steel posts, each earring weighs 0.35oz. The rainbow ribbon magic earrings were inspired by the “Rainbow Ribbon Magic” painting series, featuring inspirational female creatives. Ribbons flowing out of arms, hearts, microphones, and hands in prayer symbolizing the creativity and energy that flows from each woman out into the world.

Akasha Necklace

Feel your power in the Akasha Necklace. “Akasha” in Sanskrit means sky, or space where air, fire, water, and earth come together as creation. The colored rays that emanate the hands symbolize creation and creativity. The Akasha necklace is based on the painting “Akasha” in the Superpower series. Necklace weighs 0.38oz

Superstar Earrings

Be the star that you are in the superstar earrings, created with reflective and glitter acrylic and hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel posts. The Superstar earrings symbolize the power that you emanate into the world, inspired by the painting “Prism Power”. Each earring weighs 0.35oz.

Congrats on the launch, Sarah – we love it!

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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