WNDR Museum San Diego Unveils Two New Exhibits Titled “Interoptics” And “Waterfaux”

WNDR Museum, San Diego’s immersive art and technology experience, welcomes two brand-new exhibits to its gallery. Interoptics, a multi-sensory fiber-optic experience, and Waterfaux, inspired by the power of a waterfall and the impact it has on the senses.

“At WNDR Museum, we strive to continue pushing typical museum boundaries beyond what guests expect,” said Andy Grantz, General Manager of WNDR Museum San Diego. “WNDR hinges on the interaction between the guest and the installations, and these new works are no exception. We can’t wait for new and returning visitors to experience Interoptics and Waterfaux, in addition to everything else WNDR San Diego has to offer.”

WNDR Museum’s Brand-New Exhibits

WNDR Museum's brand-new exhibits


Guests will find themselves engulfed in an expansive, other-worldly environment that activates the senses, creating the illusion of a limitless space.

Interoptics by WNDR Studios features groups of fiber-optic light strands suspended from the ceiling, casting a luminous glow. This transcendent environment surrounds guests with light as they make their way through inspiring playfulness, igniting a sense of adventure.

WNDR Museum's brand-new exhibits


A transitional space between WNDR Museum and the real world, Waterfaux by Owen Smith is an alternative deconstructed simulation of a waterfall. The body lacks a sensor that can directly detect wetness, so it must rely on various inputs to infer the presence of water, such as temperature, flow, viscosity and evaporation from the skin.

The concept of “wetness” is a compilation of smaller pieces of information that form a larger impression, which is usually accurate but can sometimes be mistaken, leading the body to sense water where there is none. Playing with this sensation, the exhibit features two doorways with a passage. A third threshold is introduced, made of a curtain of air and a wall of sound, which can be strange, disorienting and oddly familiar all at once.

One may choose to continue through it unaffected. However, by pausing in this magical doorway, one can allow themselves to imagine and recall the power of waterfalls via the potent force of imagination.

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WNDR Museum’s brand-new exhibits join the museum’s 20+ immersive and interactive exhibits. Located in the Gaslamp Quarter, the ever-evolving 15-000 square-foot museum disrupts and redefines the traditional museum experience by inviting guests to fully engage with the artworks and multi-sensory installations.

Tickets to WNDR Museum start at $32 and must be purchased in advance here. Children ages two and under receive free admission.

For more information, visit here. Follow WNDR Museum on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok using #wndrmuseum.

See you there, San Diego!

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