Your Guide To This Week’s North County Concerts

It’s a fuzzed out weekend in North County. There’s plenty of psychedelic garage rock to be had—get yours. If that doesn’t sound appealing—what’s wrong with you?—there’s some reggae and bluegrass for your sensibilities. You’re welcome.

(thee) sick balloons. and Hello Penelope – 7/28

Stag & Lion Pub and Grille


Here’s your chance to go Stag with (thee) sick balloons. and Hello Penelope. Dancing with friends is better than with dates, anyway.

Grungy garage rock with loads of fuzz—sounds like a plan. (thee) sick balloons. are the heroes of your Friday night.

Hello Penelope plays old school rock ‘n roll straight from the “dirty SoCal suburbs.” Get down and dirty with Hello Penelope and fight out what the suburbs have to offer.

In Your Neighborhood With Lou Niles – 7/28

Pour House


Local disc jockey Lou Niles (you know him from 91x) is bringing you choice local tunes. Join him on Friday for a glimpse into what music is brewing in your neighborhood.

The Surrealistics are fronted by powerhouse Stephanie Brown. Their psychedelic bluesy rock is, well, surreal. Get out of your head and into The Surrealistics’ headspace—it’ll be good for you.

Spooky Cigarette is no wave meets new wave in the best sort of way.

Taken By Canadians, Shane Hall, Tin Shack Kings – 7/29

Aztec Brewing Company


By now, you’ve probably heard the alt-country psychedelic stylings of Taken By Canadians and the soulful blues of Shane Hall. You haven’t? We’re judging you—harshly. You should probably fix that Saturday night!

Tin Shack Kings combine folk, bluegrass and gypsy swing to round out this trifecta.

Sidle on over and grab an Aztec brew—you’re in for a treat.

Moon Grass Mountain and Blind Mountain Holler – 7/29

Stag & Lion Pub and Grille


Slacking on your weekly serving of bluegrass? Stag & Lion has you covered with a mountain of music this Saturday. Come watch Moon Grass Mountain and Blind Mountain Holler teach North County about mountain music. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Maxi Priest – 7/30

Belly Up

Solana Beach

Ease back on your Sunday and enjoy the relaxed reggae of Maxi Priest. But just because this reggae is relaxed doesn’t mean there isn’t power behind it.

Let Maxi Priest get you on his frequency at Belly Up.