Your Guide To This Week’s North County Concerts

It’s a local’s weekend with a critically acclaimed country star thrown into the mix, but we’ll consider Darius Rucker an honorary Californian for this one.

Darius Rucker – 6/16

San Diego County Fair

Del Mar

You probably know Darius Rucker from his time in the pop-rock band Hootie and the Blowfish back in the ‘90s. But since that group, Rucker has moved into the realm of country music. And by ‘moved,’ we really mean stampeded—Rucker’s country work has won several awards including the New Artist Award from the Country Music Association in 2009.

Now’s your chance to see just how Rucker’s music has matured and changed. What better place to experience Darius Rucker’s country work than at your local county fair? We can’t think of one.

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Pine Mountain Logs – 6/17

The Belly Up

Solana Beach

We’re going to let you in on a secret: Pine Mountain Logs are the alter-egos of the band Venice. Crazy, right? So, why not just perform as Venice?

The answer can be found at one of their cover-fueled parties—I mean, concerts. The boys cut loose and play the songs they love, all while morphing and melding those tunes into entirely other-worldly experiences.

Catch Pine Mountain Logs’ out-of-this-world show at The Belly Up.

Lost Monarchs – 6/17

Aztec Brewing Company


Lost Monarchs blend together the best parts of soul, blues and rock ‘n’ roll to bring you jams one part Grateful Dead, one part Allman Brothers Band and one part whatever moves you.

Kick back at Aztec Brewing Company and let some groovy outlaw country with soul wash over you as you wash down good grub with quality brews.

(thee) sick balloons – 6/17

Stag & Lion Pub & Grille


Formerly Hensley’s Flying Elephant, Stag & Lion has opened its doors to live music once more. And we couldn’t be more excited.

If you want some insight into (thee) sick balloons’ music, just turn to their audience. ‘One girl’ said, “[They] sound like sloppy Strokes.” Meanwhile, local celebrity Phil the Beer Jesus described their album Farewell to the Swagger Kid as something that “sounded like pawn shop guitars, dirty fuzz, movies from the ‘50s, the better parts of Dinosaur Jr., early Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth and drunk sex.”

(thee) sick balloons are a North County staple you just can’t miss on their home turf. If you want to try out a new venue, this is the right show for it.

Summer 2017 Punk Rock Food Drive – 6/17

Iron Fist Brewing Company


How do you feel about doing good for others? How about doing good for others while being rewarded with some great local tunes? Seems like a win-win to me. Catch these bands at Iron Fist Brewing Company: