Your Guide To This Week’s North County Concerts

Psyched its summer? North County sure is. It’s all psychedelia, all weekend along the coast—heavy psych, acid rock, dream pop—pick your poison and appreciate the variety available. It’s a smorgasbord of sound—just for you. Enjoy.

Inspired and the Sleep – 8/3

Belly Up

Solana Beach

Inspired and the Sleep is getting an overhaul. With an entirely new live set, new tunes and new members, the gang is ready for a new era. But don’t worry—their flagship members and dream pop sensibilities are still intact.

This a show not only of new beginnings, but also of carrying on what’s good. Of every ticket sold, one dollar goes to the Solana Beach Jr. Lifeguard Foundation.

Get Inspired—get over to Belly Up.

Aviator Stash – 8/4

Stag & Lion Pub and Grille


Since 2014, Aviator Stash has been playing a bluesy and melodic medley of stoner rock and funk. The psychedelic overtones will keep even the hardest psych-fan happy while the catchy riffs and melodies will be music to indie pop fans’ ears.

An intimate venue like the Stag is the place to experience some funky psychedelia up-close-and-personal. Be there.

The Oxen – 8/5

Stag & Lion Pub and Grille


The Oxen’s brand of indie pop dances between psychedelia and dream pop—it’s disorientating, but in a “summer afternoon on the sand with some shrooms” kind of way. Sunshine acid pop? That’s probably a more accurate moniker.

Whatever you want to label them as, The Oxen provide nothing but danceable tunes with impeccable musicianship. Miss them and you’ll be missing out.

Blood Wizard Presents ‘Mythical And Magical’ – 8/5

Pour House


Blood Wizard will be presenting their skate video Mythical and Magical at Pour House this Saturday.

Petyr plays heavy psych—the kind you’d hear during the best kind of bad trip. They’ll be sharing the stage with Sacri Monti who, in the same vein as Petyr, likes their psychedelia hard and heavy.

Witness all that is mythical and magical—skate-wise and music-wise—this Saturday. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, after all.

Taken By Canadians – 8/6

Pour House


The month of August is in for a treat—Taken By Canadians has the Pour House residency, and, y’know, they just aren’t ones for doing the same ol’, same ol’.

Every night they take the stage, Taken By Canadians plan to premiere a new music video. The band is brewing something up, and word on the street is that their new album drops in October.

Come get a taste of the goods at Pour House throughout the month.