Ilan-Lael Foundation Honors Their 40th Anniversary To Celebrate The Past And Future

Celebrating their 40th year milestone, the Ilan-Lael Foundation continues to act as a home for art education and inspiration in natural surroundings. As time has passed, founders James and Anne Hubbell have become models of what a future can look like when there is a true balance of artistic creativity and sustainable architecture to create beautiful and functional homes.

Ilan-Lael Foundation

The Ilan-Lael Harvest Moon Dinner

To honor their legacy, James and Anne Hubbell will be celebrated for their greatest achievements at the Ilan-Lael Harvest Moon Dinner on Friday, September 29. Not only is the Harvest Moon Dinner the perfect way to reminisce on the success of the Ilan-Lael Foundation, but it is also an ideal way to close The Ilan-Lael Summer of Love fundraising campaign that is taking place over the summer.

“It feels like forever ago when we started the Ilan-Lael Foundation, and yet we still have so much we want to accomplish in the future,” said Marianne Gerdes, Executive Director of the Ilan-Lael Foundation. “James and Anne Hubbell have served the community in a multitude of ways, and this is the perfect opportunity to put them in the spotlight and celebrate them for the legacy they have built.

“The Harvest Moon Dinner is also a wonderful way to thank our many donors for the impact they have left on the property and the support they’ve provided to the Ilan-Lael Foundation.”

Since 1958, artist James Hubbell has worked with nature to create these eleven structures that blend human life and the earth on which they stand. Constructing the buildings using natural materials and avoiding any methods that will harm the nature around them, Ilan-Lael incorporated artistic architecture which has sparked inspiration and creativity for art works, exhibitions, workshops, and structures for the renowned artist.

James Hubbell
James Hubbell
Ilan-Lael Foundation

Along with commemorating the legacy of James and Anne Hubbell and the generosity of the Ilan-Lael donors, the Harvest Moon Dinner will also celebrate the success of The Ilan-Lael Summer of Love Campaign that is taking place over the summer months.

Because of last winter’s heavy rains, several issues arose with the buildings that required an immediate response. Through the donations and involvement of the community, the Ilan-Lael buildings are able to receive the intensive care they need to continue to serve the community and host local artists.

Amidst celebrating the 40th year anniversary, the Ilan-Lael Foundation is now looking towards the future with numerous upcoming projects underway. 

Ilan-Lael Foundation

“Seeking Beauty – From the Archives of James Hubbell” Exhibit

On September 9, the Santa Ysabel Art Gallery will be showcasing the opening of the “Seeking Beauty – From the Archives of James Hubbell” exhibit which will display James Hubbell’s previously hidden works of art, including older journal entries, sketches, photos, patterns, and more.

The renowned artist will also be participating in the World Design Capital 2024, held in San Diego and Tijuana, by holding two exhibitions of his work in the Downtown Library as well as smaller library branches. Meant to focus on his work in both San Diego and Baja California, James Hubbell will tell his point of view of the unique opportunities that exist in the diversity of a cross-border collaboration.

To see the incredible space for yourself, the Ilan-Lael Foundation will soon be opening their doors for Fall Tours in October. Tickets will soon be available to purchase on their website, which can be found here.

James and Anne Hubbell
James and Anne Hubbell
James and Anne Hubbell

About the Ilan-Lael Foundation

Founded by James and Anne Hubbell in 1982, the Ilan-Lael Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the artistic legacy of James Hubbell. Founded in 1982 by James and Anne Hubbell, the Ilan-Lael Foundation’s mission is to inspire creativity, foster a deep connection with nature, and provide a sanctuary where art and nature harmoniously coexist.

Through educational programs, exhibitions, and community initiatives, the Ilan-Lael Foundation strives to ignite a creative spark within individuals and cultivate a greater appreciation for the transformative power of art. With a commitment to preserving the architectural treasures of Ilan-Lael, the foundation ensures that future generations can experience the beauty and inspiration that this retreat offers.

For more info, visit the website here.

See you there, San Diego!

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