Discover The Fusion Of Art & Nature At The Ilan-Lael Foundation’s 2023 Fall Tours

Immerse yourself in the captivating and whimsical realm crafted by the visionary artist and architect, James Hubbell, the founder of the Ilan-Lael Foundation. Join us for the 2023 Fall Tours, an opportunity to explore the renowned compound nestled in the breathtaking hills of Santa Ysabel, California.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours

The Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours

The tours will be available on the first three Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays of October, with tour times at 10AM and 1PM.

Situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Santa Ysabel, California, the Ilan-Lael Foundation offers an extraordinary experience for enthusiasts of both art and nature. Conceived and constructed “from the earth up” as both living and creative spaces for James Hubbell and his family, the compound represents over twenty years of dedication in creating awe-inspiring structures.

Despite the setback of losing four of the Ilan-Lael buildings in the 2003 Cedar Fire, Hubbell, his family, and his team emerged stronger, rebuilding with the support of the community. The Fall Tours provide a unique chance to explore this remarkable space, immersing in Hubbell’s visionary world.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours
The Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours
The Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours

Marianne Gerdes, the Executive Director of the Ilan-Lael Foundation, affirms, “We are committed to upholding James Hubbell’s exceptional legacy through the Ilan-Lael Foundation, ensuring that his remarkable creations remain a source of inspiration and fascination.”

“Through our endeavors, we seek to broaden awareness and cultivate an enhanced appreciation for his artistic perspective, fostering a deeper comprehension of the profound interplay between art, nature, and sustainable design. We take pride in sharing James Hubbell’s legacy globally, inviting others to partake in the enchantment and beauty that his works convey.”

James Hubbell’s exceptional creations and artistic vision

Santa Ysabel Residences

James Hubbell, a distinguished artist and architect, maintains a profound connection with nature and a steadfast belief in art’s transformative power.

With a background in fine arts and architecture, Hubbell’s vision harmonizes the innate beauty of nature with principles of sustainable design, resulting in distinctive spaces. Alongside his voluntary contributions to numerous community projects, Hubbell has dedicated over three decades to designing and actively building two schools in underserved Tijuana neighborhoods, Mexico.

Additionally, in 1994, he played a key role in realizing the Pacific Rim Park concept, which unites seven countries worldwide. His dedication to art, nature, and community prompted the establishment of the Ilan-Lael Foundation, serving as a platform to perpetuate his artistic legacy and continue his mission of fostering creativity and environmental stewardship.

Through the Ilan-Lael Foundation, Hubbell’s exceptional creations and artistic vision endure, are celebrated, and are shared with the world. The foundation relies on donations to uphold its mission of preserving James Hubbell’s artistic legacy. These contributions are vital in sustaining the foundation’s programs, initiatives, and the maintenance of Ilan-Lael, ensuring the enduring inspiration and enrichment of others through Hubbell’s visionary works.

Step into a realm of boundless imagination

Wander amidst the awe-inspiring structures, sculptures, and gardens comprising Ilan-Lael. Marvel at the organic forms, intricate intricacies, and vibrant hues that embody James Hubbell’s artistic perspective. Every corner of Ilan-Lael unveils a fresh surprise, enticing you to delve further into the artist’s creative realm.

James Hubbell Santa Ysabel Residences
James Hubbell Santa Ysabel Residences
James Hubbell Santa Ysabel Residences

During the Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours, gain insights into James Hubbell’s artistic process and his commitment to sustainable design. Uncover the foundation’s dedication to promoting art, nature, and community involvement through diverse programs and initiatives, including The Watershed Explorers program, student tours and workshops, and the integration of James Hubbell’s work into college art and architecture curricula.

Book your tour now

Santa Ysabel Residences

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, an admirer of architecture, or simply seeking inspiration in a tranquil backdrop, Ilan-Lael Foundation Fall Tours present an indelible experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the enchantment of James Hubbell’s creations up close. Tours are limited to small groups and last approximately 90 minutes.

To book your tour and learn more about Ilan-Lael and the Ilan-Lael Foundation, visit their website here. Embark on a journey through art and nature at Ilan-Lael today!

See you there, San Diego!

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