Pacific Gate By Bosa Leads The Way In San Diego’s Waterfront Redevelopment

The San Diego Waterfront area is about to go through a period of major change for the better, and Pacific Gate by Bosa is leading the way. We were fortunate enough to get a personal tour of Pacific Gate – Nat Bosa’s Super Prime residential tower – from the developer himself, giving us the opportunity to get a first look at the inside of the new residences, as well as hear his and others vision for the future of the San Diego Waterfront area.

San Diego’s Waterfront Reimagined

Pacific Gate is located at the emerging gateway to downtown San Diego’s corridor on Broadway and Pacific where the historic waterfront meets a vibrant downtown. For many of us, that particular part of town is a bit of a ‘no man’s land’ that you only visit for events on the Broadway Pier or the occasional visit to the USS Midway.

But Nat Bosa and many others (us included) believe that San Diego’s waterfront should be the premier waterfront destination on the West Coast, and Pacific Gate is leading the way in demonstrating the potential of what living in the area could look like.

While the redevelopment of Waterfront Park and Broadway Pier (part of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan) made the area more attractive for regular visits, the stretch of real estate from Waterfront Park to Seaport Village is nearly completely dominated by parking lots – an incredible waste of what should be some of the most prime real estate in America.

But that’s all expected to change over the next 5-10 years.

In addition to the plans already very underway for a completely reimagined Seaport Village, it’s expected that that entire area from Waterfront Park to Seaport Village will experience a complete transformation, ultimately making it one of the most attractive waterfront destinations in America, if not the world. Much of the land will be parks, a European-style esplanade, and beautiful new buildings and public art.

This, of course, would put Pacific Gate in the envious position of overlooking it all, adding even more value to the already incredible luxury amenities included for its owners.

Image source: Seaport San Diego

What is a Super Prime Building?

Pacific Gate is being referred to as a ‘Super Prime’ real estate development. You may be wondering what that means…we were. The best definition we found was:

“Ultra-luxury residential real estate located in world-class cities that are situated in irreplaceable locations and designed by world recognized architects and interior designers.”

Pacific Gate’s architecture and design are unparalleled downtown. It is luxurious and housed in a beautiful, iconic, world-class building that has changed the skyline downtown. Residents will bask in luxurious custom-designed and fabricated public spaces and residences that seamlessly marry contemporary design using a blend of craftsmanship, natural materials and technologically forward techniques and materials.

All of these are hallmarks of a Super Prime building, which is why its earned the designation.

Life at Pacific Gate

What really changes a neighborhood for the better is when people actually live there, not just visit. The neighborhood that Pacific Gate is located in is largely absent of people actually living there – it’s primarily tourists or San Diegans making their occasional visits for events. Pacific Gate is a big enough draw to bring in residents though, and they’ll have it good!

Residents of Pacific Gate will enjoy premiere amenities and the best of Southern California’s luxury coastal lifestyle.

Pacific Gate is 41 stories tall and contains 215 two and three-bedroom residence while the higher floors feature the Estate Collection, which have fewer and larger residences per floor. Every apartment has been built with the highest quality materials and attention to detail that you’ll find on the market.

Its more than 15,000 square-foot ground floor retail space will be anchored by Puffer Malarkey Restaurants’ newest restaurant, Animae. The restaurant will be a contemporary Asian-American restaurant that blends cuisines from Japan to Southeast Asia with the cosmopolitan design and architecture of Hong Kong to create San Diego’s most progressive dining experience.

As part of the City’s Public Art Master Plan, public outdoor art installations were delineated as a primary strategy to enhance the City’s image and visibility. One of the most anticipated projects is a sculpture by Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa, titled “Pacific Soul.”


This anticipated project was installed in March 2018, at 25 ft. tall, and now sits proudly in the public plaza of Pacific Gate’s luxury residences. This newest Plensa artwork utilizes characters from eight alphabets, including Arabic, Chinese, and Greek, in the form of the human figure. The sculpture is definitely an important addition to downtown San Diego’s growing art collection.

Exclusive to Pacific Gate residents is access to Pacific Dream – a 45′ Cruisers Yacht, a first-of-its-kind amenity for downtown San Diego. Pacific Gate residents and their guests boarding Pacific Dream will enjoy all the benefits of boat ownership – and San Diego Bay – without the hassle.

An Exciting Future for San Diego

Those of us that choose to live here know that San Diego truly is America’s Finest City. But we also know that with the right development downtown and along the waterfront, San Diego has a lot of additional potential it can realize. Nat Bosa is investing in that potential, using his resources and skills to help create an exciting future for waterfront living in San Diego.

Pacific Gate is leading the way!

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