Puesto Cervecería Brews Maui Relief IPA In Support Of Maui Wildfire Aid

To support the aid and clean-up efforts in Maui after the devastating wildfires last month, Puesto Cervecería has brewed a special edition Maui Relief IPA.

Ongoing through the end of the year, $1 from every beer sold will be donated to the Maui Strong Fund, a local Hawaiian community group providing financial resources to support the immediate and long-term recovery needs for the people and places affected by the devastating Maui wildfires.

Puesto Cervecería Brews Maui Relief IPA

The Puesto Maui Relief IPA, now available at all Puesto locations, is a light West Coast style IPA brewed on location in the Puesto Cervecería in Mission Valley.

Puesto has a longstanding history of supporting philanthropic causes with local and personal ties to the family-owned restaurant group through their Puesto Cares program and the Maui Relief IPA initiative continues that legacy.

Puesto’s head brewer, Doug Hasker, was on-site in Maui and participated in the immediate cleanup efforts after the Lahaina and Kula fires back in August. After seeing the impact firsthand, he was determined to find a way he could help on a more long term basis.

Puesto Cervecería Brews Maui Relief IPA

“As a small way to help everyone who lost so much on the island, we’ve enlisted, along with many other breweries around the country, making our version of the Kokua Beer led by Maui Brewing Co. Kokua means ‘help’ in the native Hawaiian language. Jacob [Bauch] and I are proud to share this with you all and to be a small part of this relief effort,” explains Doug.

More info on Puesto Cervecería can be found here.

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