Celebrate Friendsgiving With Salt & Straw’s BRAND-NEW Thanksgiving Menu

For the first time in Salt & Straw’s ten years of serving up out-of-this-world flavors, the Thanksgiving menu is completely new! Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce ice cream anyone?!!

Beginning November 1st, these five completely new flavors will be in local scoop shops, for local delivery, as well as nationwide shipping, and they look amazing!

Flavors include:

Parker House Rolls w/ Salted Buttercream

What’s a holiday feast without a basket piled high with warm, fluffy rolls? These buttery rolls are glazed with a generous smear of fresh-churned buttercream and topped with flaky sea salt. As the spongy rolls soak it in, they gently churn them into salted sweet cream, making this simple side the most coveted. As classic as it gets. Contains Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Soy.

Candied Walnut Cheesecake

Every cheesecake worth its place on the dessert table is made up of two deceptively simple main parts: a silky, smooth cake and a gently toasted crust. Salt & Straw leans into the comfort of the season with layers of rich cheesecake, bringing warm notes of caramel and molasses. A graham cracker crumble with walnut butter from their friends at Spread the Love plays on those caramelized notes, ensuring each spoonful delivers an absolutely divine walnut-y bite. Contains Milk, Tree Nuts (walnuts),Wheat, Soy.

Sweet Potato Pie w/ Double Baked Almond Streusel

Filling homes with comforting, nostalgia-inducing spices, sweet potato pies are rooted in rustic Americana. For their take, it’s almost as if Salt & Straw scooped the filling straight from the pie and folded it into cream. They roast sweet potatoes low and slow, letting them lightly caramelize to release that incredible dark syrupy goodness. Then, they add in golden brown bits of almond croissant streusel that are baked—then baked again—for the most delightfully buttery, flaky bites. Contains Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Tree Nuts (almonds), Soy.

Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce = your Friendsgiving showstopper!

Friendsgiving is the time to forego expectations and bring fresh twists to classic staples. Here, they roast turkey bacon from their friends at Diestel Farms to crispy perfection before tucking it into a savory, buttery brittle with thyme and freshly ground cubeb pepper. The bacon imparts a deliciously smoky, salty flavor that joins their housemade cranberry sauce—sweet and jammy, with a pleasant tartness to cut through the sides of savory. Contains Milk, Tree Nuts (coconut).

Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie (vegan)!

Vegan? Yes. Basic? Never. They achieve the silkiest, custardiest of pumpkin pie ice creams by way of ultra-creamy coconut, then crumble in a sugared crust, complete with a delectable crunch from their molasses-spiked gingersnap. Once you bring this to the party, you’ll be asked to return again and again—and for good reason. Contains Tree Nuts (coconut), Wheat.

See you there, San Diego!

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